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   Ayhan Tomak

Ayhan Tomak, born in Antakya in 1970, graduated from Istanbul University in 1993.

The artist, who has been a part of the IFAR ART group founded under painter Erol Deneç’s leadership in 1995, has produced numerous works in painting and sculpture throughout his 28-year professional art career. In 1995, he held his first exhibition at Istanbul University Ö.K.M. Exhibition Hall, and since then, he has participated in over 50 domestic and international painting and sculpture exhibitions, continuing to showcase his works to audiences and collectors. His artworks can be found in two museums, the Gabon Ministry of Culture Museum and the Eskişehir Wooden Museum, and he collaborates with collectors from many countries. In his works, he blends elements of Anatolian Mythology and the Hellenistic Period with his own interpretation, turning the artwork into a a storyteller. During his years in Antakya, he used his knowledge and experience with wood carving in his sculptures and began using wood as a primary material in the 2000s. Ayhan Tomak, an invited participant at domestic and international wood symposiums, has been hosting workshops with individual or group participants since 2009. Currently, he continues to meet with his students at Ayhan Tomak Workshop (in Balat) and his studio (in Çatalca Binkılıç) which is being established as an institute.

Since the beginning of his art career, Ayhan Tomak has worked in various fields including sculpture, painting, functional art, illustration for newspapers and magazines, collections for institutions, and one-of-a-kind designs for TV and film industries. He also acts as an advisor for manufacturing companies on production standards for specialized tools and accessories required for wood carving. Starting from 2020, he has experimented with metal as a material and started creating monumental sculptures.

His first metal monument sculpture project was initiated for the B40 Balkan Cities Network (founded by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu and presided by him, consisting of 23 mayors from 11 Balkan countries). This 6.20-meter-long work, presented by Ayhan Tomak at the request of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has been on display in B40 Balkan Cities Park since November 2022. Ayhan Tomak, who shares his knowledge with students at esteemed universities such as Boğaziçi University, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, and Istanbul Technical University, is currently working on publishing a book documenting his professional experiences.


2022 Istanbul Balkan Cities Monument, Zeytinburnu Seaside
2021 Dubai Middle East Design & Hospitality Week, Dubai World Trade Centre
2019 Istanbul International Büyükçekmece Culture and Art Festival, “Peace and Life” Sculpture and Design Exhibition, Büyükçekmece AKM
2016 Istanbul “Reflections from Painting to Sculpture”, Key Art Project
● 2006 Adana “The Colors of Woman”, Adana State Fine Arts Gallery
1999 Bursa Akbank Bursa Art Gallery
● 1999 Istanbul Yaşarbank Exhibition Hall
1998 Istanbul Atatürk Library Exhibition Hall
1997 Istanbul Double Painting Exhibition, Yunus Emre Cultural Center
● 1997 Istanbul Dual Painting Exhibition “Düşe Yöneliş” Basın Museum Art Gallery


● 2023 Bucharest “Istanbulul, Asa Cum Nu L-ati Visat Vreodata”, MNLR
● 2020 Istanbul Art and Antique Fair, Istanbul Congress Center
2018 Izmir Teos Culture and Art Association, Seferihisar Marina
2017 Istanbul Sanat 7/24 Volum5 Art and Design Exhibition, Armaggan Art Gallery
2016 Nottingham Timeless Imagination Imanaka Interiors Exhibition, Lally Gallery, Erewash Museum
2015 Helsinki Fine Art Exhibition, Helsinki International Artists’ Association, CAISA
2013 Istanbul Korea 2013 Turkey, Joint Art Exchanges, CRR Concert Hall
2013 Istanbul TUYAP Art Fair, Galeri Eksen
● 2013 Izmir 2. International Izmir Biennial of Arts, International Izmir Fairground
2013 Istanbul Master and Young Artists Painting, Sculpture and Ceramic Exhibition, Galeri Eksen
2012 Istanbul ARTIST 22.International Istanbul Art Fair, TUYAP, Galeri Eksen
2012 Istanbul “Development” Plastic Arts Exhibition, Galeri Eksen
2012 Istanbul “Home & Garden” Interior Architecture & Decoration Fair, Marjinart Gallery, Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar – ICEC
2011 Londra “Joint” Exhibition, La Galleria Pall Mall
2011 Izmir 1. International Izmir Biennial of Arts, Seba Art Gallery
● 2011 New York SOFA 2011, International Sculpture Objects and Functional Art and Design Fair
2011 Istanbul ArtExpo Istanbul, International Art Center
2010 Istanbul “Origami Rose” Painting Exhibition, International Art Center
2009 Istanbul TUYAP Art Fair, Gallery Sanat Gezgini
2009 Helsinki Helsinki International Artists’ Association (HIAA)
2008 Helsinki Helsinki International Artists’ Association (HIAA), “Home” Exhibition
2000 Istanbul Kadıköy Municipality Culture and Art Center
1999 Istanbul Grup Dört Renk Painting Exhibition, Taksim Art Gallery
1999 Istanbul Grup Dört Renk Painting Exhibition, Salih Zeki Kolat House of Culture
1997 Istanbul IFAR Painting Exhibition, MEB Art Gallery
1996 Edirne IFAR Painting Exhibition, Trakya
1995 Istanbul IFAR Painting Exhibition, Atatürk Library Exhibition Hall
1995 Istanbul IFAR Painting Exhibition, Perpa Trade Center Exhibition Hall
● 1995 Istanbul Painting Exhibition, Istanbul University ÖKM Exhibition Hall


2022 Istanbul Support for Mothers, Future for Children Project, Wood Carving Workshop for Individuals with Special Needs, Binkılıç
2022 Istanbul Erguvan Festival, Wood Carving Workshop, Çatalca
2019 Istanbul Feeling the Wood 3, Ayhan Tomak Students Sculpture and Design Exhibition, Kadıköy BMKM
2019 Istanbul Feeling the Wood 2, Ayhan Tomak Students Sculpture and Design Exhibition, Büyükçekmece AKM
2018 Eskişehir 4. International Wood Sculpture Festival, The Voice Of The Wood, Odunpazarı
2018 Istanbul Wood Carving Workshop, Boğaziçi University
2018 Istanbul Wood Carving Workshop, İTÜ Art Fest
2017 Helsinki Wood Carving Workshop
2017 Izmir Feeling the Wood Exhibition & Workshop, Teos Culture and Art Association, Seferihisar
2017 Istanbul Linden Festival, Wood Carving Workshop, Amfili Park Ataşehir
2017 Istanbul Feeling the Wood, Ayhan Tomak Students Sculpture and Design Exhibition & Workshop, Kadıköy BMKM
2015 Eskişehir World Tree Day Events, “Tree and Humanity” Symposium
2014 Nottingham Wood Carving Workshop
2013 Nottingham Eastwood Arts Festival, Wood Carving Workshop
2013 Istanbul Panel and Exhibition as Part of International Women’s Day Events, İTÜ
2013 Istanbul TRT Türk, Live Broadcast, Guest Artist
2013 Gabon 3. International Wood Sculpture Symposium, Libreville
2012 Istanbul TRT Türk “İşim Hayatım” Program, Guest Artist
2010 Istanbul TRT Türk “Bi’Dünya Tasarım” Program, Guest Artist
2009 Istanbul TRT3-TRTGAP “Başarının Formülü” Program, Guest Artist
2009-2011 Istanbul Bench Design, Nişantaşı Sanat (Cumhuriyet) Park
2009-2010 Istanbul Wooden Sculptures and Accessories for Ezel TV Series
2008-2010 Istanbul Wooden Relief Carving and Painting Works for Aşk-ı Memnu TV Series

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